Reviews for Automatic Exchange Betting

Automatic Exchange Betting is an invaluable resource for those wishing to learn about automating Betfair transactions. I write as a professional gambler specialising in football markets, and prior to reading the book, had never written a line of code in my life. Within two weeks, I had several automatic betting programs (bots) up-and-running, all pieced together from the sample code. I have subsequently automated a huge amount of my betting strategies, and have significantly increased my profits. For the intelligent bettor wishing to improve their efficiency and profitability, the book is an essential buy.
Alex Johansen

A comprehensive guide to using the Betfair API in order to create and implement automated strategies
Tom Johnson, Head of API Product Development, Betfair

An excellent description of the entire process of placing automated bets, at a sufficiently high technical level to be useful in practice, while straightforward enough to be understood by people with only a modicum of programming knowledge.
Patrick Gamble, Smartersig

Great book! Many new ideas, software solutions and examples – even for every little detail. I am completely satisfied with my purchase!

Up to now, there hasn’t been a book aimed specifically at punters who want to use their computers as part of the betting process, but Colin Magee has filled the gap
Paul Charlton, The Racing Post

I’ve just finished reading your book “Automatic Exchange Betting” and you’ve confirmed that the impossible is indeed possible.
Paul L

Let’s face it. There are very few books about gambling that give information that isn’t already available in the public domain. Many are a complete waste of money. I guess it’s not hard to work out why. If someone makes a big effort and goes through financial sacrifice to develop methods to make money out of gambling the last thing they are going to do is share them!

This is why Colin Magee’s book is such a revelation. It provides the mechanics of automated betting in such a way that most people can make use of it. Colin has obviously worked very hard to accumulate all his knowledge and techniques, yet seems very happy to share it. It’s true to say that to make the best out of it you need to come up with your own theories to gain an edge, but this books gives you the means to put them into practice.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in exploring the concept of gambling as an investment rather than a thrill generator.
Simon Jones

I have purchased your excellent book, and have now got some beginner Perl skills!

Just returned from a week in Spain relaxing on the beach…. I took a copy of your book with me…and read it from cover to cover (twice!)…and I just wanted to write to you to congratulate you on a well written and comprehensive text.
Peter L

The author also gives information about betting in general, more from an algo point of view, and if you have never heard about this, you can find a nice introduction and ideas
Martino De Prato

If you want to explore the possibility of an automated approach this is definitely worth the money.
David O