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Start taking the guesswork out of betting on horseracing

At Betwise, we are dedicated to help punters find a winning edge and profit from it by using methods and strategies designed for modern betting markets which let the bettor take advantage of data driven analysis, whether through products, such as the programmable Smartform database, enabling you to do your own research, or custom projects.

Betwise have helped both professional gamblers and enthusiasts alike with many aspects of tackling modern betting markets, such as: custom research, data analysis, system development, backtesting and automatic selection, betting market analysis, betting robots and more — all at a straightforward rate quoted for each new project.

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The Smartform Database

To formulate, research, backtest and automate horseracing strategies we provide the Smartform Racing Database, a fully flexible, programmable racing database, licensed from original sources, designed for use with MySQL and updated automatically each day.

The Smartform Racing Database gives you all you need to take your analysis of horseracing to the next level.

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